The LeRoc Modern Jive Federation is the only recognised organisation for the acceditation of teachers of Modern Jive. We represent a significant proportion of the UK's modern jive teaching community, and all of our members have passed a rigorous examination to prove their knowledge and ability to teach.

Our members run classes and events throughout the country. On this site you will find information about our members and how you too can become part of this community of qualified Modern Jive teachers.

The LeRoc Federation

The LeRoc Federation administers an examination system for teachers, so that the public could be assured of obtaining a high standard of teaching.

About the Federation

Become a Qualified Teacher

Becoming a qualified Modern Jive teacher is an excellent way to improve your dancing and to assure your dancers that you are a professional member of the dance community.

How to Join

Find your nearest LeRoc Club

Our accredited teachers are based all over the United Kingdom. Find a new teacher or check yours is a LeRoc accredited member.

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